Why You Should Care About Google Reviews

Why google reviews matter chit-chat.biz

You have the power to change a business online reputation. We've seen all kinds of businesses on both ends of the spectrum. Some businesses receive dozens of Google reviews each week, and others that struggle to get even one per month.

One question we receive often is: "Should I be concerned with getting Google reviews?" The answer is yes. You should care about Google reviews because they're an opportunity to connect with your customers, learn new things about your business, and increase your search ranking on Google. A good way to think about Google reviews is to let you see your business through the eyes of your customers. Businesses with great reviews get more clicks, calls, and customers. Businesses with poor reviews can lose out on their potential business.

Google reviews are the backbone of any strong online reputation. They are more important than ever before, and here’s why:

They can help you connect with customer's post-purchase

Google reviews are an opportunity for a customer to share their experience with you, whether positive or negative. If someone leaves you a positive review, it will not only help reassure potential customers that they’re making the right choice to buy from you, but it also gives you a chance to say thanks and reach out to them post-purchase. Whether it’s a simple note of appreciation or an invitation to leave feedback on other platforms, connecting with your customers is the best way to build a thriving business.

They help boost your search engine rankings

Google reviews are an important factor when it comes to your business’ search engine ranking. Google’s local search algorithm considers the number and quality of reviews for a given business when determining its local ranking. In other words, the more positive reviews your business has the higher it will rank in Google Search and Google Maps results.

They help new customers find you

As a small business owner, it can be challenging to attract new customers. You don’t have the resources or name recognition of larger companies, which makes it harder to market yourself. However, no matter what size your business is, Google is your friend.

Google reviews are one of the first things those new customers look at when they visit your Google My Business (GMB) profile. It’s a quick and easy way for them to see if you’re the right fit for them. While a customer can choose to look at other parts of your listing, most people look at your address, hours, photos and reviews before doing anything else on your GMB profile.

Google reviews are always tied to your Google My Business (GMB) listing. When people search for your business on Google, they’re going to see your GMB listing with your reviews attached. This is the perfect opportunity to boost trust and credibility with potential customers who might be too intimidated to contact you.

They can help boost your local SEO

Google reviews can help improve your local SEO. Local SEO is the process of ranking your business higher in search results when someone searches for what you offer in their local area. Local SEO is extremely important because it helps customers discover your business, and it’s free.

Google reviews count as one of the top three factors that impact local SEO — and they are a great place to start building trust with Google. Without any reviews, it’s like you don’t exist. You want to make sure Google sees you as reliable and trustworthy so it will recommend people to your business.

They can help you avoid losing customers

When someone is searching for a product or service that your business offers, they are likely to look at your Google reviews. If they see a lot of positive responses, they will be more likely to choose you over your competition. However, if the opposite is true, the majority of searchers will continue their search elsewhere.

They can help you learn about your business

Google reviews are a form of customer feedback. You'll want to read, respond, and learn from these reviews. They can help you make improvements to your business that may result in more revenue. When you receive a negative review, it's an opportunity to reach out to the reviewer and resolve their issue. When you receive a positive review, it's an opportunity to thank them for their time and share their experience with your other customers. These reviews also provide an opportunity for your customers to engage with your business on a personal level. Think of them as micro-communities where you can get to know your customers better so that you can tailor your products or services as per their suggestions, requests, or demands.


To conclude, I would like to mention that, after the introduction of Google reviews, a lot of businesses are now proactively looking for ways to deal with negative reviews and improve their online reputation. For instance, if you own a local business, you can ask your customers to leave positive feedback on your GMB profile. To increase the chances of getting positive reviews from your customers, you need to make sure that you are offering top-notch services to them. To make things easier for you and your customers alike, you can also directly ask them whether they liked the service or not. If they say yes, then you can direct them to leave a review on your Google My Business profile. Here at chit-chat.biz we make all of these tasks a breeze with our automation for business reviews. Give us a call or check out our features pages and sign up for a free trial today.

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