Why using the Wix.com Platform is a Better Solution for your Small Business

You can find various website-building platforms on the internet easily. The introduction of website building started in the early ’90s. This was the time when the Internet slowly and slowly started to spread its wings. Now the scenario has changed completely. Website building has come through ages and it is still developing through leaps and bounds.

One such website building is Wix.com. This website building company began its operations in 2006, and today it has grown into a large service provider for many companies. It has registered users over 110 million and it is still continuing to grow. Media Ninja is a premier partner with the Wix.com platform. We have all of Wix.com partner resources as our fingertips to help build you a website that will help benefit your business. Our Media Nina experts train weekly on the Wix.com platform for their partner program and we have helped numerous small and large businesses complete all of their website projects and tasks.

Why do you need to consider Wix.com for your Small Business?

Great Speed

Using Wix.com as your website building platform comes with numerous advantages that can effectively help your business to grow. However, to run your company successfully on the internet, your website needs speed to run smoothly. For this purpose, speed is the ultimate factor that can decide to attract a significant number of visitors.

Wix.com is fast, and few tests proved its speed such as Bitcatcha’s speed test. Therefore, if you want to host your website through Wix.com, it should perform with ease. The excellent resilient time and low downtime make Wix.com a smart choice to host your website as compared to other website service providers.

Huge Template Collection

Using templates for your website building saves your time and the hassle of creating it from absolute zero. Wix.com is offering more than 500 templates for you to select and use for your website. The number speaks for Wix.com and it is huge as compared to other service providers. Moreover, they contain only a few templates along with disappointing borders.

Moreover, Wix.com offers a wide range of categories to build your website and host it. It does not matter whether you are building it for travel, food, or any other category. No website owner will return empty-handed. Another benefit of Wix.com is that it comes with few in-built contents that help you to put your own ideas, or even you can remove it entirely to create a newer website for your small business.

Dozens of Special Features

The special benefit of using Wix.com is that it is offering a vast number of special features for your website. This is because it contains a wide array of tools and products that helps your small business to grown and succeed at a rapid pace.

Developing websites from zero is a thing of the past since Wix.com's primary objective is to help businesses to overcome the limitations effectively. If you are looking for a new website reach out to our Media Ninja experts who our premier Wix.com partners and will be able to discuss all of your options and get you on the path of a successful website.

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